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David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band - David Hyams - Producer
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David Hyams - Producer David Hyams - Producer David Hyams - Producer

After a number of years performing and recording, David turned his hand to producing his own music and that of musicians he was working with. In 1990 he co-produced "Scatter the Mud" with the other Devils on Horseback members. He later began a collaboration with singer/songwriter Lynn Hazelton on her song "Living Water" which led to a West Australian Music Industry Association Song Contest award in 1993, and for him to produce her album of the same name.

Since that time David has produced a number of film soundtracks, demo recordings and albums, including his "Miles To Go" album, which received outstanding reviews and extensive airplay across the country.

He went on to produce "Deep Dead Blue" for rising singer-songwriter Lara Stephen and 2 albums for the well respected entertainer and award winning songwriter Bernard Carney. His extensive work with Aboriginal musicians led to his producing for indigenous artists Peter Brandy and the "Young Guns" from WA's Kimberley region.

David has given workshops on the role of the record producer - and also presents a "Be the Producer" workshop, which is a 'how to' for artists who are self producing, or want to know more about the process.

Workshop outline

From 2006 - 2013, David has run a songwriting to recording workshops in a number of WA prisons, culminating in the "Songs from the Inside" album which he produced and engineered. The album was released in May of 2010.

He is currently working on a CD project based around Roebourne jail in WA's north west, also involving the Roebourne community.

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Listen to samples from Peter Brandy's 'Long Time Ago' album: Click on the player below to listen


1990 Devils on Horseback Scatter The Mud (co-producer with band)
1992 The Press Gang The Press Gang
1995 Lynn Hazelton Living Water
1998 Steve Hammond Naked Heart
1998 Peter Brandy Kimberley Backroads (co-produced with David Trail, Lynn Hazelton and Peter Brandy)
1999 David Hyams Miles To Go
2000-1 Lara Stephen Deep Dead Blue
2001 Young Guns Frontier Justice
2002 Bernard Carney Feathers and Tributes
2004 Bernard Carney West
2005 David Hyams Knowing the Place
2005 Peter Brandy Long Time Ago
2006 Mantamaru community People of this Country
2008 Brenda Chapman Postcards from Exile
2010 Various (from WA jails) Songs from the Inside
2011 Bernard Carney Fly above the weather (assisted in production)
2012 Various Petrol is for Motor Cars
2013 David Hyams Travelling Bones