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David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band - David Hyams - Producer
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David Hyams - Producer David Hyams - Producer David Hyams - Producer

Feathers And Tributes: Bernard Carney

Review by Steve Barnes (Artistic Director Fairbridge Festival)

"Relaxed, gently swinging fingerstyle guitar, Bernard's warm, intimate vocal burr and David Hyams' tasteful production are the unifying elements...Superb songs all, executed with immaculate taste and feeling...

The arrangements are spatious where they need to be, and deepen (like the songs) with repeat listening - a fine example of instrumentation serving the material rather than the other way around"

Review by Jim Low - Folk Australia

"I have twice taken this CD on the Sydney to Melbourne drive down the Hume Highway and back. The enjoyment gained from this song collection increases with each new listen. David Hyams' sensitive and intelligent production allows the listener to respond to Bernard's words while, at the same time, appreciating the beautifully appropriate melodies of each song. The songs are enhanced by an excellent group of musicians, including the likes of Peter Grayling and David Hyams himself"

Review by Peter Hicks

"Bernard's vocal style and delivery - warm, clear and emotive, and his "immaculate ragtime based guitar finger-picking" have been an inspiration to me for over ten years since I first saw him at Woodford. This album highlights both of these excellent skills.

This is a "tribute" to the production on the CD which is superb. While Bernard has been closely linked to Peter Grayling...for his past outings and Peter makes a wonderful contribution to this CD, it is the excellent guitar playing and arrangements of David Hyams which really enable Bernard and his songs to stand out"

Knowing The Place: David Hyams

Review by Steve Barnes (Artistic Director Fairbridge Festival)

"The new CD sets its stall out right away. "Flat Out Like Lizard Drinking" starts out with a Sam Bush-esque funk mandolin riff that soon underpins a bubbly set of reels on wooden flute and uilleann pipes. Just as you're getting comfortable with this groove, the space opens out into a rhythmic didge followed by a multipart horn arrangement that would sit comfortably on a La Bottine Souriante album, leading back into a reprise of the opening tune. It's all gloriously unexpected and inventive, and it rocks to boot...just about every track has the same rich combination of tasty tunes, fresh arrangements and impressive musicality... The musicianship, production and recording quality are outstanding throughout..."

Review By Cindy Funk - Radio WYSO 91.3fm Ohio, USA

"The power, the passion, the multi-layered arrangements, the superb (and sometimes a bit unusual) use of the instrumentation is joyous. It's very well-played and well-produced. I love it."