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David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band - Trio
Miles to Go
the Miles to Go Band - Trio

The Miles To Go trio line up, originally an offshoot of the full Miles To Go band for smaller festivals and house concerts, began with performances at the Maldon and Beechworth festivals in Victoria in 2007

The trio has now established it self as a concert/touring act in its own right, gaining in popularity at festivals around Australia and selling out shows on its 2009 South West tour of WA. In 2010 the trio made its first trip to the USA for the International Folk Alliance Convention in Memphis.

The line up features David Hyams with a range of different players - often depending on where we are touring! In the past the line up has featured Andy Copeman, Jennifer Tingley and Derry based fiddler JP Sweeney. For upcoming East Coast shows, we will have Melbourne based fiddler Jenny M Thomas and cellist Melanie Robinson. In WA we have shows lined up with flute player Stuart Paterson and cellist Anna Sarcich.

"...we were all taken on a wonderful journey by the "Miles To Go trio" from WA with their inspiring tunes and songs of places close to the heart." ...
Bridget Sommers, Dorrigo Festival director, Nov 2008

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A House Concert is where someone (generally a music lover or fan) turns a space in their house (usually their living room though it could be an outdoor space weather permitting) into an informal concert venue for a performance. We've now done a fair few of these - and now a large proportion of our shows are house concerts.

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