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David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band - Partners and Sponsors
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David Hyams and The Miles To Go Band are pleased to announce a new partnership reached in July 2010 with one of Fremantle's most longstanding and loved music venues, Clancys Fish Pubs (also in Canning bridge and the newly opened "Clancy's Fish Bar", City Beach).

David has had a long association with Clancys through early bands Devils on Horseback, the Press Gang and Reel to Reel, who all played residencies at the Fremantle venue (and 'Reel to Reel' can still be seen for the occasional St. Patricks Day show).

Clancys have been a big supporter of Fremantle music over their 21 years as a venue and through this partnership will provide support for the touring and promotional efforts of the Miles To Go band and trio. David and the band will work to promote Clancys through their social media and touring as having quality venues in WA which offer contemporary music of all kinds. Expect to also see some special shows at the Clancys venues over the course of the coming year.

The partnership has been approved by abaF, the Australian Business Arts Foundation, through the WA Premier's Arts Partnership Fund, a new fund which assists small-to-medium businesses to partner the arts, supported by the Department of Culture and the Arts Government and Mirvac.

Clancys Fish Pubs can be checked out online at: www.clancysfishpub.com.au

Or connect on Facebook.

Clancys Fish Pub Fremantle Clancys Fish Pub Canning Bridge
51 Cantonment St, Fremantle 903 Canning Hwy, Applecross
(08) 9335 1351 (08) 9364 7322
Email: fremantle@clancysfishpub.com.au Email: canningbridge@clancysfishpub.com.au

The WA Premiers Arts Partnership Fund can be viewed online via the abaF website.



In 2009 the Miles To Go band celebrated our tenth anniversary. We're extremely proud of the successes we've had in that time - and also the great feedback from many people telling us how the music has touched them.

In 2010 we are looking to take this music to the world - firstly by attending the International Folk Alliance Convention in Memphis, Tennessee - where we will pursue opportunities for representation and touring in North America. We also plan to look to Europe in 2011.

Touring the band from WA, even in its trio form has always involved air travel and proved costly. We are a totally independent act and don't have any label support, though we've received some great support along the way from the WA Department of Culture and Arts. While we're working on making ourselves completely self sufficient, that hasn't happened yet and especially for our overseas travel, we have been encouraged to try some different avenues - in particular, looking for sponsorship and partnering opportunities.

We are especially interested in sponsorships from or partnering with WA based businesses, as we are a strongly identifiable West Australian act, the connection of many of our songs/pieces to our home state is obvious. The next album will continue that connection -

"Recent songs have added country-blues tinges, while continuing to explore places and stories of our vast landscape - from the stunning night sky of the Kimberley and the north's oceans of wilderness, to winding southern coastal tracks..." (quote from a 2009 media release)

We have recently registered with the Australia Business Arts foundation (abaF). If you're interested in checking this out, the website is at: www.abaf.org.au

WA Premier's Arts Partnership Fund - This new fund makes it easy for small-to-medium businesses to partner the arts. We match the cash commitment (from $1000 to $10,000) of an SME to an arts organisation - doubling the value of the partnership.

If you're interested in partnering or sponsoring the Miles To Go Band or trio, you can contact us by phone or email to discuss further.